This Mom Shot Both Her Daughters To Avoid Moving, This Young Mom Killed 3 Of Her Babies In Less Than A Year For This Horrific Reason

Veronica and her husband Ronald Youngblood, were married in 2009 in Las Vegas.

The two lived together and were raising Veronica’s daughter from a previous relationship together.

In 2015 Veronica and Ronald welcomed their first, and only, child together, Brooklynn.

Fairfax County Police

The same year Brooklynn was born, their marriage began to fall apart.

Still the couple lived together and were co-parenting.

However, Ronald began to reach a breaking point.

What happened?

The two entered into a nasty custody battle over Brooklynn. Ronald wanted sole custody of their daughter.

Ronald argued that it was “not in the best interest of Brooklynn” for Veronica to have sole custody of her.

The argument continue saying Veronica “has proved to be an irresponsible parent“.

Ronald also feared that Veronica would take Brooklynn out of the country to her native Argentina.

Ronald works for the United States Navy.

Despite the custody battles the whole family was set to move to Missouri together.

In 2016 Ronald had filed a protective order against Veronica.

Veronica was not allowed with 500 feet of Ronald or their former home.

She also was not allowed to be with 500 feet of their daughter.

Despite this Veronica, again, attempted to get sole custody of their shared daughter in an attempt to avoid the move.

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