Check Out How Much Your Favorite Vanderpump Rules Stars Are Worth

Tonight on Bravo Season 9 of Vanderpump Rules kicks off, and from the trailer that was previously released, all we can say is – HOLY DRAMA.

This season definitely will not disappoint in any way, shape, or form, despite the fact that a few of the cast members are no longer going to be part of this new season.

Of course, we’re sure the season will be filled with the petty drama that we all love so much also.

One thing we do know about the Vanderpump Rules cast is they’re always looking for ways to make more money.

So, that leaves us wondering since the show’s start how much has their bank accounts grown?

We’re here to reveal just how much each star is worth.

It’s not a huge shock to find out that Tom Schwartz is worth the least out of the Vanderpump Rules crew.

He’s a super lovable guy. Lovable doesn’t make you money or help you hold down a steady job.

Tom wasn’t an original cast member of the show so that definitely hurts his net worth some. He also didn’t really have a steady job in the beginning of his time on the show.

Instagram; pictured above is Tom Schwartz in a pair of shades

Well, he did work one shift at SUR before losing his mind and running out.

We saw him work a few modeling gigs but that’s about it. His modeling career never took off.

Reportedly, he had gone to college with the hopes of becoming a doctor.

Instagram; pictured above is Tom Schwartz with his wife Katie

Obviously, he had a change of heart, or he wouldn’t even be on the show!

Tom is worth a grand total of $25,000 dollars. However, he is the other half of TomTom so we’re thinking this number will go up. Here’s hoping!

Like her husband Tom Schwartz, Katie Maloney-Schwartz isn’t exactly swimming in cash either.

Instagram; pictured above is Katie, with her husband Tom Schwartz

She’s created her fair share of drama on the show. Surely that isn’t helping her rake in as much cash as her co-stars.

Instagram; pictured above are Katie and Tom at a wedding together

Katie is always seen working hard though, whether she is at SUR or working on her own personal beauty brand. Katie hustles.

Earlier this year she launched her lipstick line Pucker & Pout.

Her hope is that the brand continues to grow and she can add even more to the collection.

At this point, Katie is worth a whopping $30,000 dollars. Just a little bit more than her husband. However, we’re sure that with the success of her beauty line this number will go up!

Instagram; pictured above are Jax and Brittany after getting engaged. That’s some rock!

Back in 2015, Brittany Cartwright met Jax Taylor at a Vegas nightclub. Somehow he was able to convince this beauty to leave her Kentucky home, and move out to LA with him.

We’re still trying to figure out how and why this even happened. It wasn’t soon after that this farm girl turned in to a reality TV star.

Instagram; pictured above is Brittany cuddling up with one of her adorable dogs

After moving to LA, Brittany started working as a server at SUR.

Shortly after that, she became a crucial member of the Vanderpump Rules crew.

Together with Jax, she has generated enough drama in their relationship to probably have their own series.

The two actually did have a spin-off last year when they went to visit Brittany’s hometown – Vanderpump Rules: Jax And Brittany Take Kentucky. 

We’re pretty sure the show got canceled.

It wasn’t as exciting or fabulous as Vanderpump Rules, so we can’t say we’re surprised.

Instagram; Brittany cuddles up on her grey couch with both of her adorable dogs

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