Dad & Daughter Team Up To Murder Mom In Her Own Home, So Dad Doesn’t Have To Pay Child Support

However, there is more to the case that makes his actions even worse.

Lloyd had involved his daughter, Karrie, in his plan. Since he and Karrie were so close he knew that she would, of course, do anything for him.

Police Photo

Karrie, as Lloyd expected when he approached her with the task, agreed wholeheartedly.

This soon would turn into the most tragic ending a domestic violence case could have.

The town of Corning would be forever changed from this.

So would the Neurauter family. Karrie’s life as well would never be the same.

Karrie had finished up her semester at RIT. She was heading home to her favorite place for the summer.

She would spend the days with her mother, younger sister, and friends.

In addition, Karrie and Lloyd would have the father-daughter time she had longed for while being at school.


One day though, in mid-August, Karrie’s father would ask her one of the most difficult questions of her life.

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