Everything You Need To Know About Timothy Jones, The Dad Who Killed His 5 Young Children After They Got Back From Disney World

“Daddy, I love you.” Authorities say these were the final words of a little 6-year-old boy named Nahtahn Jones and his 8-year-old sister, Merah Gracie Jones, who suffered at the hands of their father.

They weren’t the only ones cruelly murdered in cold blood by someone who was supposed to love and protect them. Their three young siblings 2-year-old Gabriel, 1-year-old Abigail Elizabeth, and 7-year-old Elias were also murdered along with them.

How does something like this happen to 5 beautiful young babies? How does a father turn on his own children like this, taking away 5 precious lives that he helped to create in the first place? You’re about to find out, below.

Facebook; pictured above are Merah Gracie, Nahtahn, Gabriel, Abigail Elizabeth, and Elias, who all were murdered by their father, Timothy Jones

Timothy Jones is still the 37-year-old father of Merah Gracie, Nahtahn, Gabriel, Abigail Elizabeth, and Elias, even though he hardly deserves the title for what he did to them.

Amber Kyzer was married to Timothy, and together they had all 5 of their children, back when they were still happily together. They had been married for nearly 10 years and lived in Lexington, South Carolina with all of their children. Suddenly, things fell apart, breaking up their family and marriage.

Facebook; pictured above Amber poses for the camera in a black and white photo

When Amber first met Timothy, she felt drawn to him. She recounts that his faith and intelligence were what initially attracted her to her future husband. She also found it attractive that he was pretty accomplished for his age.

She recently said in her testimony to the courtroom in front of her, “I thought wow, this guy has it together.”

“He was going to school part-time, working part-time, and he had church under the belt. So we started going to the services together, and we found our church family.”

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