Everything You Need To Know About Timothy Jones, The Dad Who Killed His 5 Young Children After They Got Back From Disney World

Timothy truly had everything together back then. After he graduated from the University of Mississippi, he went on to get a job as a computer engineer for Intel, making $80,000 a year.

After Amber married Timothy, he began to change. And not for the better.

After their marriage, Amber says Timothy began to change…

Timothy became increasingly demanding of Amber. He also started being weirdly rigid about his religious beliefs. This all came seemingly out of nowhere. This wasn’t the Timothy she knew and had fallen in love with.

“Women are to be seen and not heard. I was merely to take care of the children. To keep them out of his way,” Amber told the court about how their marriage and children affected Timothy’s behavior.

Just over 7 years ago now, things weren’t looking so happy in Amber and Timothy’s relationship. Happily ever after sadly wasn’t in their cards.

Amber says that even though Timothy changed after the got married, he still managed to be a great dad to their 5 young children

Despite all this, Amber maintains that Timothy was a great father during their marriage. Even though he expected her to keep their 5 kids out of his way. 

It was only after Amber and Timothy divorced that things began to really unravel, and Timothy began to show severe signs of mental illness.

During her marriage to Timothy, Amber met her current husband. She started seeing him on the side.

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