This Teen Mom Gouged Her Eyes Out & Now She’s Rebuilding Her Life

This is Kaylee Jean Muthart. She’s 21-years-old now, and she lives in Anderson, South Carolina. Anderson is a quaint and picturesque town located an hour away from the Blue Ridge Mountains and four hours from the shore of South Carolina.

Kaylee comes from quite a big family. She is one of 6 children and has 5 brothers and sisters.

Beautiful and blonde, she seemed like your average young woman. She had absolutely gorgeous blue eyes.

Facebook; Kaylee is pictured above wearing sunglasses

She frequently posted on Facebook and took tons of photos with her friends.

She did great in school. She worked really hard. She was well liked and had an active social life.

Facebook; pictured above is Kaylee Jean Muthart hugging a friend of hers

She wanted to go to college and study marine biology.

She dreamed of getting a scholarship so she could go.

What she horrifyingly did to herself one day made national headlines and even international ones.

This is Kaylee’s incredible story.

Her life all changed on February 6th, 2018.

Facebook; Kaylee Jean Muthart pictured in the photo above smiles with another friend of hers

Following the incident that changed the entire course of her life, Kaylee had this to say to People Magazine:

“I actually feel like a person. I feel like myself, and I don’t feel like I’m chasing something.

It, actually, feels really nice.

Facebook; Kaylee poses in a selfie for the above photo

The way it worked out is the way God had it work out, that’s just the way it is…

But I’d rather for it to have happened than to still be stuck in that world.”

That’s an incredibly brave and grown up thing for someone to say.

Facebook; in the above photo, Kaylee poses in a selfie

Especially after going through what Kaylee went through.

Facebook; Kaylee’s bright blue eyes are noticeable in the above photo

Kaylee is surprisingly at peace with how things have gone for her.

Kaylee got straight As in school. She was a model student. She was in the National Honors Society.

Kaylee ended up leaving high school though, just halfway through finishing her junior year.

She was 17-years-old. So close to graduating and going on to college.

Pictured above a high school student holds her books and carries a backpack on her way to school

She had a heart arrhythmia which caused her to frequently miss out on school.

On top of that, she was working grueling hours at her job in order to save up all her money and buy a car for herself.

Pictured above is a stethoscope, which is used to listen to heart sounds and help diagnose heart problems

This all began to really add up and cause her a lot of stress and pressure.

Kaylee’s grades began to go downhill.

It’s understandable that Kaylee couldn’t keep up her record grades with her health issues and workload.

That’s a lot for anyone to have on their plate, let alone a teenager.

Kaylee though maybe she should take time off from her school.

She moved out of her Mom’s house.

Facebook; Kaylee smiles in the above photo next to her cat

When Kaylee had turned 18, her life looked a lot different than it had the year earlier.

Instead of having a wonderful academic record, she smoked a lot, drank a lot, and worked part time at her job.

Pictured above is alcohol, something Kaylee turned to when she started to have issues

Her family had a history of addiction.

Keeping that in mind, Kaylee didn’t do anything she considered harder than drinking and smoking.

She certainly didn’t do drugs.

Facebook; Kaylee smiles next to her dog for the above two photos

She had gotten pregnant and gave birth to her daughter at 18.

Her daughter was sent to live with a family friend.

Facebook; Kaylee smiles next to a friend in the above photo, captioned, “Your best friend goals”

By the time she was 19-years-old, she wasn’t planning on going back to school at all.

One day, she smoked something that was laced.

One of her coworkers had given the substance to her at work.

She ended up quitting her job after this incident.

Kaylee just felt so betrayed by her coworker giving her the laced substance without even telling her.

Facebook; Kaylee poses with a friend for the above photo

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