Inside The Downward Spiral Of Jenelle Evans & What Led Her To Getting Kicked Off Teen Mom

After Jenelle Evans gave birth to her son Jace on “16 and Pregnant”, she was picked to appear on a brand new show called “Teen Mom”. That, my reality TV-loving friends, was the beginning of her trajectory to fame. 

For the past 10 years, Jenelle has been on camera and we’ve all been able to take a good hard look at her life as we watch along eagerly. That is, until now. Jenelle Evans has been officially kicked off “Teen Mom” and won’t be appearing anymore. We know it’s been hard to follow along with all the drama as it unfolds off-screen, but we have the scoop.

Here’s everything you need to know about this reality star mom and everything that led up to her getting kicked off the show that made her. We’re also going to hear what the other “Teen Mom” moms have to say about her and everything that has happened. Buckle your seatbelts, because it’s about to get bumpy.

MTV; pictured above is a still from Jenelle’s episode on 16 and Pregnant

If you’re also a devout “Teen Mom 2” watcher, you already know Jenelle has probably had the roughest time on the show. At least we vote so. 

When Jace was just a year old, she signed custody of him over to her mom, Barbara. 7 years later, Barbara was granted full custody of Jace, and Jenelle could only have visitation with her son. Things are already off to a rough start. 

Instagram; Jenelle poses in front of her chicken coop in the above photo

Over the course of the show’s 10 years, we’ve gotten a front row seat to all of Jenelle’s messy relationships (including with Barbara, as she battled her constantly for custody) and some more than unsavory guys she picked for herself. Andrew was the first, but he was not the last. We watched her date train wreck Kieffer, then get engaged and then un-engaged to Gary Head (the military guy who she ended up getting a matching mugshot with).

Next, Jenelle actually went through with a marriage to Courtland Rogers (whom she credits with her heroin addiction…she also got an abortion while she was married to him).

From there, she moved on to Nathan Griffith (forever our fav) and the two had their son Kaiser together, whom they call Kai for short. Alright, although the two fought a ton during their time together on the show, at least Nathan totally has it together and really cares about his son.

Speaking to Us Weekly, Jenelle said, “The hardest moment for this season would have to be me and Nathan not getting along and him moving on to somebody else. That was just really hard for me to deal with, trying to co-parent with him but not hold a grudge against him and keep him away from my son at the same time.”

Fast forward to 2015, and Jenelle had found herself a new man. David Eason. 

Instagram; pictured above is one of the first photos Jenelle shared on social media featuring her new man David

She found him on Tinder, and on September 22nd she made their relationship Instagram official, introducing him to her followers.

David already came with two children of his own: daughter Maryssa Rose and son Kaden.

August 2016, Jenelle announced on social media that she is indeed pregnant. Along with the photo announcing her pregnancy, she wrote, “Time to introduce the world to our baby girl soon, Ensley Jolie Eason. She will be arriving Jan. 28th. We couldn’t be any happier! @uncledave01.”

Instagram; David and Jenelle smile while out together in the above photo

She then told US Weekly, “He’s financially stable and emotionally stable.”

“And he’s a great support system for me, and I need that in my life.” 

Ah, famous last words. It turns out, we would all come to learn (and see with our very own eyes) that David was, well, anything but stable. Definitely not emotionally. Definitely not financially. 

Instagram; David and Jenelle smile in the hospital on the day their daughter Ensley was born

He famously ranted at a fan on Twitter who called him out for seemingly not having a job, “I don’t have what you would call a ‘job’, I’m an investor and business owner but that’s none of your busienss, is it?” 

Instagram; David and Jenelle pose for the camera together in the photo above

Yes, he can’t even spell business. More fans weighed in and he added, “the land and everything else is paid for. You have no idea what kind of money I make.”

Chances are good you would not be living in the middle of nowhere North Carolina if you had all the money you claimed to have there, David.

Anyway, our point is he pretty quickly started ranting away on social media after being introduced to us all. David Eason really was the beginning of the end for Jenelle, even though she definitely doesn’t see it yet.

From attacking people who comment on his beard, to body shaming fellow “Teen Mom” star Kailyn Lowry, we can’t even keep track of all the times he’s gone off the deep end on social media. But then, it started creeping into real life. David started getting out of control in the real world, too.

Instagram; David and Jenelle smile and snap a selfie together in the car

But first, he got himself fired from “Teen Mom 2” by going nuts on Twitter and posting a ton of anti-LGBTQ comments. Jenelle claimed that he just didn’t really understand how to use social media and that’s how he ended up being homophobic. Right.

Instagram; David and Jenelle smile and strike a pose in front of a mountain the above photo

Jenelle told TMZ, “David didn’t understand how offensive people would get or how Twitter even works. Now that he realizes his voice is very strong within media/tabloids he has deactivated his account. He agrees he will keep his comments to himself from now on.”

“David doesn’t hate people from the LGBT community. My old manager was gay and used to be one of me and Davids close friends.”

“We attended Farrah’s birthday in Miami with a lot of LGBT people there and he didn’t act in any type of way. We went had a good time and left. We are sorry for the comments that were made.”

Anyway, after denying all over the internet that he was indeed fired from the show, MTV released their own statement about everything to People.

“David Eason’s personal comments do not reflect the views of MTV.”

“With six weeks left of production on Teen Mom 2, effective immediately, we are ending our relationship with him.”

Instagram; Jenelle smiles while holding her daughter Ensley in the above photo

Oh, and David did not keep his comments to himself. 

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