Sock Panda Review: Definitely Not Your Average Pairs!

When you think of socks…you generally don’t think of them as exciting or fashion forward. They’re pretty much the one accessory I’ve written off at this point as boring and bland.

My husband is pretty much the only sock enthusiast I know, and he goes to great lengths to try to get his hands (or should I say feet) on pairs that are on the lively side.

Sock Panda launched back in 2011 with one mission in mind: to bring fashionable and colorful socks to the market, and they really nailed it. Their men’s socks fit shoe sizes 8 to 12 and are made of high-quality Peruvian cotton.

Their subscription service delivers some exciting treats for your feet every month, and the prints really are conversation starters. In the package they sent me, there was a mustache printed pair, a panda with a pipe pair, and a pair depicting men’s faces. All quite unique!

My husband says he absolutely loves these so much he’s signing up for their service.

Another thing we both really love about Sock Panda is that they donate socks to someone in need for every purchase you make. To date, they have donated just about 100,000 pairs of socks to low-income senior centers, hospitals, under-privileged classrooms, and homeless shelters throughout America.

A company that makes you look good and feel good definitely is a win in my book! You can get them for yourself here.

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