The Latest News Surrounding Rachael DelTondo’s Murder & Someone She Was Involved With Was Just Found Unconscious

Rachael immediately starting planning their wedding. She bought elaborate shoes worth $3,000. She picked out a $10,000 wedding dress. Rachael’s mom says Frank was trying to control all of the wedding planning, but he says Rachael’s family was getting far too controlling and involved.

This next part was the first thing that truly ended up ruining the relationship between the two before Sheldon had come along…

Frank asked Rachael to sign a prenup. He was a young and wealthy man. It made sense for him to ask her to do this. Rachael initially agreed. She didn’t want Frank to think at all that she just wanted to be with him for his money.

Ultimately, Rachael ended up refusing to sign a prenup though. Frank says he is positive her mom Lisa was the one who got in her head because she was so willing to do that in the beginning. Rachael’s mom admits that she did not want her to sign it at all.

After Rachael said she would not sign a prenup, that’s when everything fell apart. 

Frank says all of the wedding plans stopped. They weren’t really engaged anymore. It’s not clear what happened to that gorgeous engagement ring, but Frank says Rachael still hung out with him. Rachael’s family was very upset, so she started lying to everyone about still being around Frank.

He says that’s when it all became pretty common for her to lie. Frank started pulling away, and who could really blame him? Their wedding was off…they were no longer engaged….he said their relationship wasn’t the same anymore and it couldn’t go back to what it was.

10 months after Frank and Rachael’s engagement was officially called off, Rachael showed up to Frank’s birthday party that he throws for himself every year in an Aliquippa bar located downtown. Rachael’s friend Jen was also at the party with her boyfriend, and she told CBS that she remembers Rachael looked really off.

Her boyfriend noticed that she didn’t look right either, and they thought Rachael was using drugs. Jen confronted her, saying she was worried. Rachael exploded and hit her in the face at the party. Frank noticed the commotion and came over to see what on earth was going on.

Jen admits that in retaliation, she blurted out to Frank that he needed to ask Rachael what she was really doing in the car that night with Sheldon, so many months ago at this point.

Rachael still insisted she was innocent and just trying to help a kid who needed her help. Frank still believed her.

A few months after his birthday party incident, Frank felt he needed answers.

He went down to the Aliquippa Police Department and inquired as to whether there was an incident report from that night. Turns out, there was.

The Assistant Police Chief spoke with Frank, and he told CBS that Frank wanted to know the truth because Rachael was trying to get back together with him and he didn’t want to look like an idiot.

When Frank got his hands on the incident report, it turns out Rachael really had not told him the truth or all of the details about that night. In fact, she had told him a very different story. A few days after Frank saw the report, someone anonymously leaked it to Rachael’s school, to the media, and to even the mayor of the town. 

Facebook; Rachael smiles for the camera in the above photo while she holds a drink in her hand

To this day, police still have no idea who leaked it. Rachael’s mom insists Frank leaked it, but he maintains he never did. He did, however, show the report to a few friends asking if they knew anything about the incident first hand.

“We wanted to be very, very clear publicly that Frank Catroppa has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with what happened,” Stephen Colafella, Frank’s lawyer, has said about the case. “And it’s important to him, and it’s important to his family that the public knows that.”

The very next day after the report came out, Rachael was suspended from her teaching job. Rachael’s mom says she was a complete wreck after this happened. She couldn’t eat anything. She couldn’t sleep. She went to go see a doctor she was feeling so upset.

Rachael even spent three days in a psychiatric ward, her mom told CBS.

Rachael’s mom completely believes that nothing happened between Rachael and Sheldon. It makes sense that Rachael would not have wanted to tell her mom that she was seeing someone underage. 

Facebook; Rachael smiles big in the above photo

Now, Rachael stopped hanging out with a lot of her friends, as you can imagine, after this all blew up. Rachael confined her social circle to Sheldon’s older brother Rashawn, and a former student of hers, 17-year-old Lauren Watkins.

Rachael’s mom admits her therapist told her not to be friends with Lauren. Lisa also says that she was very concerned about their difference in age. Lauren was 17. Rachael was in her 30s.

The night Rachael was murdered, she had gone out for ice cream with Lauren and Rashawn. Lauren was driving. She dropped Rachael off in her driveway that night, and just 4 minutes after she drove off, Rachael was shot and killed at the very end of her driveway.

Authorities are saying that Rachael’s killer either knew she went out and waited nearby her home for her to return, or her killer followed her around that night as she went out and came home.

Just one month after Rachael was brutally murdered, there were three different police chiefs to go through the Aliquippa Police Department. As of right now, it seems Rachael was right that the department was corrupt, as a grand jury is currently hearing evidence in the case.

Facebook; Rachael is pictured posing for the camera in the photo above

If you have any information on the murder of Rachael DelTondo, please contact the Beaver County Detective Bureau. Their phone number is 724-773-8569.

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