This Mom Was Murdered In Her Upper East Side Apartment By Her Husband, Then He Tried To Blame Her Death On Their 9-Year-Old Daughter

Shele Danishefsky Covlin was a 47-year-old mom living in luxury on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. She had a 9-year-old daughter, Anna, and a 3-year-old son, Myles, who also lived with her in her apartment on 68th street.

She worked as a financial advisor for Merrill Lynch on Fifth Avenue, and later UBS. She was very successful. Her net worth was $5.2 million dollars, including $3.5 million dollars of life insurance policies, and she had earned it all on her own.

She was married to Roderick Covlin, a graduate of Columbia University who was a failed stockbroker. His friends and family admit that he had a hard time keeping any of his jobs.; 47-year-old mom Shele smiles in the photo above while wearing a black blazer

Roderick had recently tried to make a career playing backgammon professionally, which he was completely addicted to playing. 

Needless to say, he was mooching off Shele as he tried to make his dreams take off.; Shele is pictured above smiling for the camera 

Shele was having severe issues with Roderick in their marriage.

The two were estranged. 

They even lived in separate apartments directly across the hall from each other in the same building.

In fact, the couple was in the process of getting divorced, when suddenly Shele died.

What’s really strange?; Shele snaps a selfie in a car in the above photo

She died just a day before she was supposed to meet with her lawyer.

She wanted to discuss cutting Roderick completely out of her will……

….and she had been telling her friends and family members that she wanted to do this.; Shele smiles in the sunshine in the above photo

It was New Year’s Eve in 2009. A day that’s supposed to be exciting, especially in New York City with the famous ball drop about to take place later that evening.

This mom of two young children was found dead in her luxury apartment.

Heartbreakingly enough, it was Shele’s daughter Anna who sadly discovered her mom in their bathtub.; Shele beams in the above photo

Anna found her mom floating with her face facing downward in a water-filled tub the color of her own blood.; Shele looks down and to the left in the photo above

When investigators started to look into her death, they initially thought it was an accident. She only had a cut on her head, which made sense at the time.

Shele had to have tragically slipped while in the shower and fallen down to her death.

Her family, being Orthodox Jewish, objected to authorities performing an autopsy on her.

And so, she was quickly buried shortly after she passed away and nobody really thought twice about what had happened on New Year’s Eve.; Shele smiles outside in the sun in the above photo

Shele came to rest in Westchester, in the town of Hawthorne.

Shele’s family started to wonder about what had happened to her. They were well aware that her marriage was far from perfect, and they knew what kind of guy Roderick was.; Shele sits on a couch with her legs crossed in the above photo

As her parents began asking more and more questions, their concern grew.

Maybe this really wasn’t an accident after all…

Three months after Shele’s family had laid her to rest, they changed their minds.

They wanted an autopsy on their daughter, despite the fact that it went against their religion.

Shele’s parents wanted answers now. They wanted to know if her death truly was accidental.

The medical examiner set to work after Shele was exhumed.; Shele smiles in the above photo with brown hair

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