This Mom Was Murdered In Her Upper East Side Apartment By Her Husband, Then He Tried To Blame Her Death On Their 9-Year-Old Daughter

Shele’s autopsy certainly provided some answers.

It also led to some shocking conclusions about what actually happened to this successful mom.; Shele tilts her head with a smile in the photo above while wearing a blue sweater

When the medical examiner performed the autopsy on Shele, shockingly enough they discovered that there was a bone in her throat that was broken, and it was no accident.

It had been broken through quite a bit of force, and not the kind that happens when you slip and fall down in the shower.

Authorities re-opened her case and began to piece together some intriguing details about what happened to Shele.; Shele smiles while wearing a beautiful necklace in the above photo

They learned from people close to Shele that she absolutely hated baths and would never take them, and yet, she was found floating face down in a tub of bathwater.

They also discovered that the day she passed away, Shele had gotten a hair-straightening treatment done at her salon, which entailed not getting her hair wet for 72 hours after that, so she would not have gone against what her salon told her.; Shele smiles away in the above photo while she looks to the right

Investigators learned from Shele’s nanny that Roderick had asked her a strange question the night she died.

He wanted to know if she would be sleeping over that night.

Matthew Bogdanos, the Assistant District Attorney, later told jurors at the trial for Shele’s murder about why that question her husband asked was so significant:

“He’d never asked her that before.”

“In fact, in 10 years, she stayed overnight fewer than five times. … She didn’t say anything to Shele [about Colvin’s question to her], and until this day, she blames herself.”; Shele smiles from behind a pair of sunglasses in front of the water in the photo above

The day Shele died, investigators also noted that Roderick’s clothes were not wet at all, and he claimed he was the one that had pulled her out of the water while waiting for help to arrive. Well, things were definitely not adding up, but the evidence was pointing to Roderick being the one who murdered her.

While all of this was going on, what happened to Shele’s kids? Roderick’s parents were granted custody of Myles and Anna after they told the court that they were afraid of their own son.

Roderick then went into a rage, as it turns out he was planning on being able to collect the $5.2 million dollars left to his children.; Shele looks to the camera in the above photo with a small smile

In 2011, there was a wrongful death suit filed against him, which meant Shele’s fortune was put into a trust for her children.

Roderick could only have that money if he was found not guilty of Shele’s murder.

Roderick would never get Shele’s money because authorities finally gathered enough evidence to arrest him for his wife’s murder.

It was Roderick’s girlfriend, Debra Oles, that surprisingly approached the police and gave them the information they needed to finally make their move…and even more shocking details are about to be uncovered

Authorities uncovered an email that Roderick wrote where he tries to frame Anna for her mom Shele’s murder, and it’s pretty unbelievable that a dad could even do that. Yet, this one did, and here’s what it said.

Twitter; pictured above is a Tweet from CBS New York about the trial for Shele’s murder

The court documents state that the email says:

Facebook; Shele and her husband Roderick are pictured side by side in the photo above

“I heard her go into her room and run the bath so I went in and argued some more and she told me to go back to my room and I got mad so I pushed her, but it couldn’t have been that hard!”

It goes on to read, “I didn’t mean to hurt her! I swear! But she fell and I heard a terrible noise and the water started turning red and I tried to pull her head up but she remained still.”

What’s more, authorities revealed that Roderick also tried to force Anna to say that her grandfather (Roderick’s father, who has custody of her) abused her so that he could get custody of her back and have access to Shele’s millions.

When Anna failed to cooperate with her dad, he then tried to marry her for $10,000 to someone living in Mexico in another attempt to get at the money.

Twitter; Roderick is pictured in court in the photo above

It turns out, Roderick had cheated on Shele throughout the entire duration of their marriage with escorts and girlfriends, and since Shele was filing for divorce, he was upset about losing out on the lavish life he was living and she was funding. So he killed her, thinking her $5.2 million dollars would be all his. A jury in Manhattan has found Roderick guilty, and he has been sentenced to 25 years for murdering Shele.

Twitter; Roderick is pictured above while in court for Shele’s murder trial

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