28 Ways Disney Fans Radically Reimagined Your Favorite Characters


Last year, we checked out some hot new looks for our favorite members of Disney’s ever-growing royal family, mostly because that was a lot more fun and a lot less awkward than finding alternative looks for actual royal families.

But, like the real world, royalty gets a little more attention than it deserves, so today, we’re going to give the commoners a chance to shine alongside the highborn of the House of Mouse.

Don’t get us wrong, though — we’ve got plenty more of the royals acting up.

Wolverine Mickey


Back when Disney first bought Marvel, San Antonio-based artist Alfredo Lopez Jr. served up this gem, the hardest Mickey we’ve seen around these parts.

Zombie Rapunzel


I tried to avoid the zombie thing as long as I could, but they always catch up to you eventually.

You can see plenty more post-outbreak Disney princesses from clocktowerman.

Lion King as Hamlet


Hamlet was one of the inspirations for The Lion King, so maimai97 went the extra mile and gave us some Shakespearean interpretations of Simba, Scar, Nala, and Mufasa.

Ultron Pinocchio


Artist Joe Galvan made this play on the first Age of Ultron trailer’s use of a song from Pinocchio. I’m not so sure the result still wants to be a real boy.

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