Ever Wonder What Your Favorite Disney Characters Would Look Like In The Walking Dead?

With the season six finale of The Walking Dead coming up this Sunday, we figured we’d ask the question that you never thought you wanted to be answered (until now).

If we replaced the whole cast with Disney characters, how long would they all last before being cruelly ripped away from us by unfeeling showrunners (who may be the real villains of the show when it’s all said and done)?

We’re taking inspiration from Kasami-Sensei of DeviantArt, whose The Walking Disney series of fan art is pretty much right up our alley.

Who did we get for season six survivors? Like the actual show, there will only be a handful of them.

Aladdin and Jasmine

©2014-2017 Kasami-Sensei

Sigh. Being in a relationship is almost always a death warrant for at least one of the two in The Walking Dead.

We love Abu, but Aladdin and Jasmine would have been a lot better served with Genie.

I think the show writers, eager to turn “A Whole New World” on its head, jump the gun and take out Aladdin in season two, with Abu sticking around as a comforting reminder of better times as Jasmine comes to terms with survivor’s guilt.

Hades and Megara

©2014-2017 Kasami-Sensei

It’s too perfect, man. The lord of the Underworld, fighting his suddenly out-of-control minions?

Hades would obviously be one of the raddest characters in The Walking Disney.

The writers would keep him around for a while, but he’s too good for this world.

The wit, the outbursts of anger juxtaposed with an otherwise flippant attitude — they’d find a way to bump him off just to make the fans suffer.

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