Ever Wonder What Your Favorite Disney Characters Would Look Like In The Walking Dead?

Our guess is a contrived arc in season four involving newcomers being mistrustful of the god of death (but why?) and finding out a way to send him back down with the still dead.

Meg, smartly, turns on him to save herself.


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She’d have some of the best action scenes, no doubt. But, I think Merida falls in season one as an early cautionary tale about attachment to life before the outbreak.

We’ve seen Brave, we know she’s good with a bow, but that’s no kind of a weapon to be using against zombie hordes.

The reload time’s too slow, and the rest of the characters have to learn that survival means using the best tools for the job.

Belle and Adam

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I’m thinking this is one of the rare couples that goes the distance.

Adam’s going to have a huge advantage, because you know that killer instinct from being the Beast is still hanging around the back of his mind.

You’d have him re-embracing being the Beast in a figurative sense, while helping Belle to release her inner beast in the face of all the carnage, to help ensure his lover’s survival.

Then, you’d have the obligatory scene where Belle goes crazy on at least a dozen zombies ready to pile on Adam, just to drive the plot point home.

There’s a ton of meat on this narrative bone. Season sixers for sure.

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