Ever Wonder What Your Favorite Disney Characters Would Look Like On Game Of Thrones?


Sam Tsui/DeviantArt

I don’t know that the personalities match, but you can’t resist making the flower connection.

Besides, if you had to pick out a place for Belle in Westeros, Highgarden seems like it’d be the right choice.

Sam Tsui – DeviantArt


Anderson Mahanski/Combo Estúdio

Reminder that Cersei is probably just as wasted as her brother Tyrion more often than not.

Anderson Mahanski/Combo Estúdio – Website /Facebook

Tiana/Meera Reed

Sam Tsui/DeviantArt

I was iffy about this one at first, too, but then I remembered the frog thing and was OK with it.

Sam Tsui – DeviantArt

Oberyn and The Mountain

Anderson Mahanski/Combo Estúdio

I remember both of these guys being a LOT less happy when this went down in the show.

Anderson Mahanski/Combo Estúdio – Website/Facebook

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