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It’s Not Just Free 2-Day Shipping: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Prime

I say Amazon Prime, you say free 2-day shipping. Ok, while that’s definitely one of the biggest and most exciting perks the service has to offer, there’s really so much more to it.

So much, that I feel like I’m still learning about everything that comes along with it and I’ve been on Amazon Prime for two years now. Read on for everything you need to know about Amazon Prime!

Change Up Your Clothes

Prime Wardrobe was developed to compete with services such as Trunk Club and Stitch Fix, and although I haven’t yet tried it out myself, I’ve been meaning to!

Prime Wardrobe easily helps you change up your clothes and you can purchase from 3 to 8 pieces of clothing that gets sent right to you. Don’t like something? No problem.

Just put it back in the box, slap on the return label that’s included on the package, and ship it all back to Amazon. You only get charged for what you keep, and it’s so not a hassle to send something you don’t like right back.

No More Whole Paycheck

Back before Amazon purchased Whole Foods, there was a reason everyone called it “whole paycheck.”

Now that Amazon owns them, if you’re a Prime member you can get discounts on Whole Food purchases. There are deals every week on certain items and even a section of items on sale up to 10% off.

On top of all this, if you live in some parts of the country, you can even get your Whole Foods purchases delivered to you within 2 hours of ordering…for free!

Movies & More

Prime Video is pretty much the Netflix of Amazon, and along with your Prime membership, you can stream unlimited movies and TV shows on their platform. You can also download some options to watch later on your phone.

Although relatively still new, Prime Video has some great original and interesting content, such as The Man in the High Castle, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and Jack Ryan.

You can also purchase a Prime Video subscription for $8.99 a month, but for only a few dollars more you can get all of Amazon Prime that includes Prime Video!

Aside from movies, Amazon also offers free music, called Prime Music. There are currently around 2 million top songs on it right now.

You can purchase a Prime Music subscription separately, but it doesn’t make sense when you can just join Prime!

If movies and music weren’t exciting enough, Amazon has another service called Twitch Prime that you get for free with Amazon Prime. With Twitch Prime, you get a bunch of free games you can play.

Same Day Delivery Or Even Speedier

If free 2-day shipping wasn’t enough for you (I honestly don’t know how I lived without it), Amazon is now offering either same day delivery or end of day delivery in over 5,000 towns and cities.

All you need to do is spend at least $35, and place your order before noon to get it by 9 in the evening that same day (assuming you are in one of the locations this is offered in). I’m sure this service will be rolling out soon to more areas across the country!

Deals, Deals, Deals

Another Prime perk is that you get access to quite a few deals earlier than everyone else. Under the Deals section on Amazon, there’s something called Prime Early Access.

You can click on that to see deals 30 minutes before everyone else on Amazon can see them!

You Can Get A Discount

If you’re a student, you can get a discount on your Amazon Prime subscription and pay just $59 for the whole year (it’s normally $119).

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