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The Air Speaker From Cavalier Audio Review

It’s really no secret I’m a big fan of Cavalier Audio. I’ve had the opportunity to review the Maverick, which previously was the only speaker they made. Now, Cavalier has a brand new smart speaker, and it’s called the Air.

I’m so thrilled to have gotten the chance to review the Air, and it’s seriously one of the best Alexa speakers on the market (along with the Maverick)!

While the Maverick is a portable speaker, the Cavalier kind of needs a more permanent home, as you do need to keep it plugged in at all times.

My first impression of the Air is that Cavalier left nothing to desire by way of design. Made of gorgeous, real leather, walnut wood, aluminum, and acoustic fabric, it really looks and feels incredibly high-quality. Clearly, no detail was spared in the craftsmanship of this smart speaker, and there’s really nothing else like the Air on the market!

In regards to the setup, it’s easy as can be. Find an outlet, plug the Air in, and head on over to the App store to download the Cavalier Audio App, which will help you complete the official set up. Via their app, you can control things like a multi-room configuration and set up custom controls.

You also will need to download the Alexa App to your phone as well so you can utilize this neat feature and get more advanced with the Alexa settings.

After you’re done downloading both apps and completing the different steps within them, you’re really all set.

Now, the buttons on the Air control your volume, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, the smart LED display that shows the time, and also turns your mic on and off. Although, if you ask Alexa, she will handle everything for you!

In order to utilize Alexa, you just need to say what you would to any Amazon speaker: “Alexa…” and then give your command. You can turn the mic on and off, which means Alexa turns on and off too.

One of my most favorite features that the Air has is that you can use it to charge your wireless and wired devices!

The top of the Air actually features a built-in Qi-certified wireless charging pad. And for all your devices that require a wire, there’s a USB port in the back of the Air.

In regards to the way the Air sounds, it’s just as high-quality as the design itself. It definitely fills up whatever room you choose to put it in with your favorite music, and you can absolutely turn up the volume if you want with excellent results.

This is quite a powerful speaker packed into a small package.

You can get the Air for yourself here! It’s definitely going to be an exciting and beautiful addition to your smart home!

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