This Is What Your Favorite Disney Characters Would Look Like In Look Like in Historically Accurate Clothes, In Case You Were Wondering

Disney’s animated classics take place throughout history — it’s a big reason why there’s so much variety in Disney fashion! But, artist Wickfield thinks Disney can do a little better in the accuracy department!

She’s created a whole series of historically accurate characters from across the world of animation, matching up quite a few Disney characters with what they’d be wearing if they really lived in the time periods they’re representing.

The results can be surprising!

If you love her work, you can follow Wickfield on Tumblr or DeviantArt!


Jasmine is based on the women who lived in the Abbasid Empire in the 13th century.

The henna on her fingertips is a nice touch!


Apparently, Tangled was set in around the 1780s — Rapunzel is dressed accordingly!

The hair may or may not be accurate, but what are you going to do?

It’s beautiful none-the-less!


Queen Elsa gets mid-19th century coronation garb based on Victorian England and Norwegian fashions!


She puts Tarzan in the 1890s, and recognizes that no, Jane would most definitely not wear a dress in the Congo.

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