This Social Media Star And Gamer Girl Was Murdered By Her Boyfriend And There Are Tragically Still Pictures Of Her Body On The Internet

Social media platforms are promising to do a better job of policing content and taking down anything hateful or disturbing, but what you’re about to hear proves that there’s just a long way to still go on this.

I mean, we have AI that’s better at diagnosing diseases than actual doctors…but we don’t have a system that can effectively take down gruesome photos that should never make their way to social media platforms in the first place? This seems pretty behind.

17-year-old Bianca Devins lived in Utica, New York. She had just graduated from high school and had her whole life ahead of her. She was planning on attending a local community college come fall so she could study psychology. She was enthusiastic about social media and video games and was developing a pretty big following in the gamer space.

Instagram; pictured above is a photo Bianca posted on social media shortly before her death

On July 14th, her life was ended far too soon…by someone that should have loved her. It was 7:20 in the morning when police received several different calls to 911 reporting a man that appeared to be suicidal, and who also claimed to have killed someone.

When the Utica Police Department arrived on the scene, they found 21-year-old Brandon Clark stabbing himself in the neck. He then laid down on a tarp at his house, and that’s when police noticed a swathe of brunette hair coming out from underneath the tarp.

Brandon told police that the hair was from the person he killed. When police were able to get him up off the tarp and look underneath, they tragically found Bianca dead from several severe stab wounds to her neck. Brandon was rushed to the hospital and underwent a few emergency procedures and has survived his self-inflicted injuries.

Instagram; pictured above Bianca poses for the camera and looks off to the side

Bianca and Brandon had met two months ago via Instagram. They quickly developed a connection. Saturday evening before Brandon murdered Bianca, the two had gone down to New York City to see a concert. Around 10 p.m. on their drive home that evening, they got into a fight.

Police said in a statement, “it is believed that he took and distributed photographs of the killing on the Discord platform.” People who use the platform geared towards gamers quickly phoned up the Utica Police Department to report the graphic photos, and the fact that there had clearly been a murder broadcasted on social media.

Instagram; pictured above Bianca wears an Iron Maiden tee while looking off to the side

If this wasn’t disgusting enough, Brandon also posted photos of Bianca’s dead body on Instagram. It took them pretty much a whole day to take down the images he posted, and the worst part is there are still photos of her floating around the internet and social media, such as Twitter too now.

To top it all off, several users on Instagram who reported the photos of Bianca have stepped forward saying they got messages back from Instagram saying the images didn’t violate community guidelines…

Twitter; pictured above is a reply one user on Instagram got after reporting the disgusting photos of Bianca

Allegedly, Bianca kissed another man while at the concert with Brandon, and that’s what incited the fight and later led to her murder.

Although sad, it’s not really all that surprising that social media platforms struggled to eliminate the images on their own platforms, given that this is something that has been really plaguing them lately. Hopefully, some solutions can be found to prevent things like this from ever happening again.

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