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Bokksu Review: This Subscription Box Is Packed With Exciting Japanese Snacks!

I don’t know about you, but if there’s one way to my heart, it’s totally through snacks. When Bokksu asked if they could send over a box of their interesting snacks to review, I was definitely thrilled to try them out.

Bokksu makes a monthly themed subscription box that is packed full of exciting Japanese snacks! Full disclosure: Japan is one of the coolest countries I have ever visited, and I went through a phase when I got back from my trip where I went to all the local Japanese delis close to me in New York City and tried out different snacks and foods that they had.

Danny Taing started Bokksu because he had worked and lived in Japan for quite a few years, and when he returned to America, he struggled to find the kind of snacks he enjoyed back in Japan. So, he set out to start his own snack company in order to bring the gourmet finds he enjoyed over there, state-side.

Every snack company Danny selects has been making their goods for over 100 years right in Japan, and he makes sure they’re the kind of delicacies Japanese people really like and enjoy as well. Talk about authentic!

My first impression of Bokksu box? I love the bright orange box and the way the snacks come neatly packaged inside!

The theme for this box is Tour of Japan, and there’s a little booklet inside that has a bunch of neat facts about Japanese culture. There’s even a page teaching you a few words in Japanese!

The little booklet also describes for you what everything in the box is. This box includes Tokyo Apple Butter Financier Cakes, Handmade Persimmons Candy, Mini Red Bean Crackers, Chocolate Azuki Beans, Aomori Apple Caramel Yakkoi  Sables, Takoyaki Tei Corn Puffs, Funwari Meijin Mochi Puffs, Amaou Strawberry Kirara Sandwich Cookies, Kabukiage Rice Crackers, Seaweed Tempura, and Pure Gyokuro Tea.

Obviously, I have no previous experience with any of the snacks in this box. I don’t know what anything in here is, but, I do know every single thing is intriguing and delicious! There are so many different textures and flavors to all of these unique little goodies.

I really had a ton of fun getting to open this up, go through the snacks, read the little booklet, and then get to taste test everything! If you like Japanese culture and snacks, this is so for you.

You can get everything in this exact box here, and you can order a subscription to Bokksu here!

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