Cheerleader & Her Unborn Baby Tragically Murdered By Her High-School Football Star Boyfriend

Aaron Trejo, 16, and Breana Rouhselang, 17, met while attending Mishawaka High School in Indiana. Both of them were heavily involved in the school’s athletic program.

Breana was on the school’s cheerleading team, she coached softball, and she was a manager for the football team too. Aaron played on the football team.

As one would imagine, the football players and cheerleaders often socialized together. Aaron and Breana were practically neighbors and knew each other fairly well.

Facebook; pictured above is Breana in her cheerleading uniform 

Friends of the two knew they were seeing each other, but the two were not officially dating by any means.

Both Aaron and Breana’s families had no idea that the two teenagers were even involved.

Facebook; pictured above is Aaron before a football game 

Over the course of time though, things quickly progressed in their relationship.

Suddenly, the two teenagers’ biggest concerns would become a reality…

Before long, Breana was pregnant and Aaron was the father.

Breana did not tell Aaron this news immediately though.

Perhaps she didn’t know how to tell him, or worse, was afraid to.

Facebook; pictured above is Breana before cheerleading for a game 

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