Cheerleader & Her Unborn Baby Tragically Murdered By Her High-School Football Star Boyfriend

Her parents realized that Breana’s grades had begun to slip.

They started to wonder what was going on in their daughter’s life to cause this. It just wasn’t like her.

Normally, Breana worked extremely hard in school and had hopes of one day going to college.

Facebook; pictured above is Breana cheering for her favorite college team Notre Dame 

However, with the grades she was earning now – college seemed like it would remain just a hope. There was no way she was going to get accepted anywhere with the grades she started to pull.

Despite her slipping grades, her love for life and sweet attitude did not change.

Facebook; Breana is pictured above outside in front of a fountain

Her father, Dave, described his daughter to the Daily Beast as, “the most caring, innocent person you could ever meet.”

Facebook; a collection of selfies Breana took are pictured above

Dave had recently taken Breana and her friends out to T.G.I.Friday’s, which is also where he happened to work.

It was the week before Thanksgiving, and they were celebrating her birthday.

Breana’s biological mother also joined the family to help celebrate her daughter’s birthday.

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