Everything You Need To Know About The Tragic Death & Life Of Troubled Saoirse Kennedy, The Granddaughter Of RFK

Saoirse Kennedy Hill was just 22-years-old when her life was tragically cut short just a few days ago.

She came from quite a well-known family, and her grandfather was Robert F. Kennedy, the New York senator who was assassinated in June of 1968 and who was the brother of famous president John F. Kennedy.

People have long speculated that the infamous Kennedy family is under some type of curse.

Robert F. Kennedy and his brother John F. Kennedy were assassinated, but the family’s tragedies hardly stopped there.

Nearly everyone in the Kennedy family has experienced an untimely death or a strange disaster.

Even Ted Kennedy wondered out loud in his testimony of Chappaquidick if a “curse actually did hang over all the Kennedys.”

Instagram; Saoirse Kennedy Hill smiles in the above photo while on a boat out on the water

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