Get Your Out Of Office Ready: These Incredible Vacation Destinations Also Double As Perfect Places For You To Start Your Digital Detox

The whole point of vacation is to relax, destress, and enjoy, right? Well with smartphones, laptops, and tablets, it makes it a whole lot harder to take that getaway!

Whether you’re constantly checking your work email (guilty as charged) or your social media stats (totally my sister) it’s time to put your Out Of Office on and check out these incredible vacation destinations that also double as perfect places for you to start your digital detox.

Destination: Four Seasons Tented Camp

Location: Thailand

Four Seasons

You just can’t go wrong with any Four Seasons destination, but this one in Thailand is truly something magical!

Explore the vibrant jungles, meet rescued elephants, and enjoy your three or four day stay from the comfort of a luxurious tent. They even have an outdoor spa.

What do you honestly need to be on your phone for when you can spend time with elephants?!

This is glamping at its finest ladies. I mean, I don’t do tents but I’m about to make an exception.

You can book your stay here!

Four Seasons

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