Get Your Out Of Office Ready: These Incredible Vacation Destinations Also Double As Perfect Places For You To Start Your Digital Detox

Destination: Blackberry Farm

Location: Tennessee

Blackberry Farm

Blackberry Farm is not the only ten I see here, but it’s certainly a wow worthy destination on our list!

Yes, it is a farm, but it’s far from your average one. It’s a luxury destination full of history and charm. Nestled on 4,200 acres of land, you can choose from a variety of fun activities to participate in during your stay there.

There are so many exciting things to occupy your time, so you can put down your phone now.

Blackberry Farm

They have horseback riding, archery, fly fishing, hiking, paddle sports, and even culinary experiences.

Blackberry Farm

Blackberry Farm is sure to make a lavish loving country girl out of you!

You can book your stay here!

Blackberry Farm

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