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People Got Scammed Into Working For A Fake Gaming Company, Influencers Are Kind Of Unionizing, Tool Decides To Stream On & More Tech News You Need To Know Right Now

It’s hard to wade through the news overload and keep up with the key things happening in tech, but Chip Chick has the highlights! Let’s jump right into what you need to know!

People Got Scammed Into Working For A Fake Gaming Company

Well, this is pretty surprising but 25 people were apparently scammed into working for a fake gaming company without any pay, as reported by Kotaku.

Drakore Studios was founded by Rana Mahal…but it never actually existed. This guy told all of his “employees” that their paychecks would come, over and over again, but they never did. All 25 people employed by him never saw a dime.

Rana told Kotaku on a Discord call this: “People shouldn’t have gotten into game dev stuff with me. We didn’t maliciously intend for this to happen. Do a piece warning other devs about things that can happen. I made some mistakes.” Right, pal. Read their whole article on this because it’s just unbelievable!

Equifax Can’t Afford To Pay You

Equifax had a massive cybersecurity breach back in 2017 and has been required to pay back $31 million to consumers because of it.

There’s just one problem…they can’t afford to pay everyone. The FTC said in a statement:

“The public response to the settlement has been overwhelming. Because the amount of money set aside for the cash payment option is capped at $31 million, consumers who select that option may not receive the $125 they had expected.”

“For those who have not submitted a claim, the FTC is recommending that affected consumers consider choosing the free credit monitoring service, which is worth hundreds of dollars and comes with identity theft insurance and restoration services. For consumers who have already chosen the cash option, the settlement administrator will e-mail those consumers and provide them with the opportunity to either (1) submit additional information, or (2) switch to the free credit monitoring service. Consumers can also contact the settlement administrator directly.”

Influencers Are Kind Of Unionizing

Some influencers on YouTube are partnering up with the largest EU trade union, IG Metall, in an effort to put some pressure on YouTube.

The influencers are hoping they will be able to achieve better communication and increased transparency around video views and monetization.

These influencers are hardly alone, as earlier in the year some Instagram influencers started unionizing in order to pressure Instagram into giving them more transparency as well.

Tool Decides To Stream On

Up until this week, Tool has been one of the biggest proponents of refusing to go digital. Over the years, they became increasingly isolated in this position, as other holdouts such as Led Zeppelin and Metallica permitted their music to be on streaming services that require a monthly subscription fee.

Well, Tool has decided to stream on. They posted on Instagram, “This Friday, Aug 2nd, the Tool catalog goes up on all digital and streaming formats. High five.”

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