4 Easy Ways To Keep Hackers Out Of Your Smart Home (Really, You Don’t Need To Be A Techspert To Do Any Of This)

You have a lot to already worry about in regards to keeping your home safe, without adding smart home devices to the table. Unfortunately, the reality is pretty much every device you can connect to your home can potentially be hacked, which definitely jeopardizes your safety and that of your family.

Unlike break-ins, where you can usually tell when someone has been in your home, it can be a lot harder to detect when your personal space has been invaded via your smart home devices. Luckily, there are a few quick and easy ways to keep hackers out of your smart home, and here they are.

The best part is, you don’t need to be a techspert to do any of this!

Keep Your Networks Separate

Since smart home devices are connected to the internet, this is precisely why they’re not too hard to hack. Through setting up different networks and keeping your smart home devices on separate networks, this makes it a whole lot harder to hack.

Another thing? Always keep your laptop or desktop on an entirely different network than any smart home devices.

Always Update

One of the easiest ways to ensure you can keep your smart home safe is to always and immediately update your devices when new software updates become available.

Make sure to routinely check the apps you use to connect your smart home devices for updates so you can know when they become available.

Very commonly updates contain security patches in them, like that time Apple released the iOS 9.3.5 update because they found a flaw that allowed hackers to use Macbooks and iPhones as spying devices.

Two-Step Authentication

Having a password is simply not enough to keep you safe anymore. The good news is most companies offer two-step authentication now, which usually means a security code sent via text message or phone call to confirm it’s really you trying to log in.

Eye scans and thumbprints are extra levels of two-step authentication that will probably start becoming more available in lieu of texts and phone calls, as it’s nearly impossible to fake your way into an account this way.

Never Use Defaults

If any of your smart home devices come with default passwords or usernames, be sure to change them immediately.

Why? It’s relatively easy for hackers to find this information online and you don’t want to make yourself vulnerable.

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