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Hey Dog Moms, Science Says A Dog Really Is Your Heart’s Best Friend & Here’s Why

I absolutely couldn’t live without my dogs. They’re always happy to go for a walk around the block or for a ride somewhere in the car.

They wake up every single morning elated to see me, and they’re equally thrilled to welcome me home in the evenings.

They don’t have bad days; just great days. They never cease to put a smile on my face and make me appreciate all the little things.

I’m sure my fellow dog moms reading this can relate.

It’s no secret dogs are a girl’s best friend, but did you know a dog is your heart’s best friend too?

The Mayo Clinic recently released a new study they did that proves that dogs are a health benefit, and your heart is one of the major things to reap the rewards.

In their study, the researchers included 1,769 people residing in Brno, Czech Republic, who had no history of heart disease.

42% of the people included in the study owned pets. 24.3% of those people were dog owners.

The researchers discovered that the people who owned dogs ate healthier, had better blood sugar levels, and got more exercise than the people who did not own dogs.

The study says, “Pet owners, and specifically dog owners, were more likely to report physical activity, diet, and blood glucose at ideal level, and smoking at poor level, which resulted in higher CVH score than non-pet owners.”

The study continues with, “Compared with owners of other pets, dog owners were more likely to report physical activity and diet at ideal level. The comparison of dog owners with non-dog owners yielded similar results.”

“Dog owners were more likely to achieve recommended level of behavioral CVH metrics (physical activity and diet) than non-dog owners, which translated into better CVH.”

Ah, can’t say I’m surprised! Dogs really are just the best.

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