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Plenty Of Fish Just Banned Filters & I Couldn’t Agree More With Their Decision

Back when I met my husband on Tinder, you didn’t have the filtering technology available to our selfie games today.

You had to straight-up Photoshop your photos if you wanted to look like a different human being.

Filters started becoming a thing around 2016, and they haven’t done anyone any favors since.

Nobody likes false advertising, especially when it comes down to dating.

Dating website Plenty of Fish decided to ask 2,000 single people how they really feel about filters, and they published the findings on their blog.

I can’t say the results surprise me, but here they are.

They found that of those 2,000 singles, 70% of them think that using filters on your photos to significantly change your appearance is downright deceptive.

Plenty of Fish

52% of the singles Plenty of Fish questioned think that filtered photos should be entirely banned from dating sites and platforms.

“When looking for a partner online, it’s important that users feel like they’re seeing their matches as the real them in their photos, and not the glossed over, puppy-faced version a filter would supply,” Plenty of Fish said in their blog post.

Honestly, I couldn’t imagine going to meet someone in real-life after talking to them via a dating app and realizing they are nothing like they portrayed online.

Do I have any 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days fans here?


You know how Rebecca on this season flew to meet Zied for the first time and he was wearing that T-shirt with a photo of her face on it?

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days screenshot

Except the photo was clearly filtered and we could definitely see the difference with her standing right next to him and the shirt?


Remember to take it easy out there with the filters. Don’t be a Keurig.

It’s pretty easy to learn about good lighting when taking selfies, and don’t you want to meet people online that like your face for exactly what it is?