Let’s Take A Virtual Tour Of Kylie Jenner’s Office (Spoiler Alert: She Has A Champagne Vending Machine)

At 22-years-old, Kylie Jenner is the youngest billionaire and she’s entirely self-made. Love her or hate her, you have to admit what she has been able to build is pretty impressive.

Kylie just posted a virtual office tour video on her YouTube channel, saying, “Hi guys! You have been asking for this video for the longest time, and I’m so excited to finally show you around my Kylie Cosmetics HQ. Come with me as I tour my office.”

Let’s take the tour! Spoiler alert: she does have a champagne vending machine…

First things first: Kylie’s color scheme is hot pink. There is even a hot pink neon sign saying, “Kylie” hanging above the front desk.

Then we move on to the other exciting pink things in her office, like a glass container of pink M&Ms that have her face on them, below.

There are even pink umbrellas in the corner and a bowl of pink Starbursts. I wonder if her employees actually eat them and they have to be replaced on a daily basis?

Kylie explains that she didn’t want her office to feel overwhelmingly pink, but she wanted pink accents everywhere.

Then we move on past reception into the actual office, with pictures of Kylie hanging up everywhere.

She even has an entire table full of all the magazine covers she has graced, including some covers her family and sisters have been on.

Then we move on to the lip kit wall, and Kylie explains this is another way she uses her product as art.

Honestly, it’s pretty cool!

Next, we follow Kylie into her creative room, where she has all of her meetings. She goes on to say she thinks the longest she has spent in this room is probably 9 hours.

All the chairs are covered in what looks like shag carpeting, and all I can think is if someone spills coffee on one of these bad boys, they have to be impossible to clean.

The next stop on the tour is the kitchen, with pink plates and bowls. Then we move on to the drink fridge, and Kylie says, “This is like MTV Cribs.”

Kylie even has a pink high chair in the kitchen for Stormi, because she never leaves Kylie’s side and spends a lot of time in the office with her.

Then we see the community eating area, coffee station, a bar cart requested by Kris Jenner, and Kris’s office that doesn’t look that exciting except for the pink tape and note cards on her desk.

After that, we see Kylie’s office, which has a side room attached for Stormi to take naps and play in, since this girl basically lives at the office too.

We move on to see Kylie’s showroom, next. Kylie explains this is one of her favorite parts of her office since she can see the growth of her brand.

Kylie even has a glam room for when her friends, family, and hired models need to get ready for photoshoots. She also has a photo studio with a pink red carpet rope, a green room, a fitting room, and Kylie’s own personal glam room with light pink chairs.

And then, we get to the champagne vending machine, which is totally my favorite part.

To conclude the tour, we go back into Stormi’s room where Kylie gets her up from her nap.

And at the end, I noticed that Kylie is actually wearing a diamond necklace with her company logo on it.

You can watch Kylie’s whole tour on her YouTube channel here!

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