Sleep Tight Sleep Set From Plant Therapy Review

Say hello to sweet dreams! Plant Therapy created the Sleep Tight Sleep Set and I was pretty excited to get the opportunity to review this. I don’t know about you, but my greatest struggle is getting to sleep at night.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t really understand the essential oils craze until recently. I decided to start making my own body scrubs for the heck of it, wanted them to smell good, headed on over to Amazon, and ended up buying so many I could supply all of Midtown East with scents for days. Or years.

Aside from being used to add fragrance beauty and bath products, essential oils can be used to help alleviate certain conditions and influence your mood. Kind of cool, right?

Plant Therapy made their Sleep Tight Sleep Set to help you drift off to dreamland, and essential oils are the star of what’s inside.

This sweet set comes with:

10 mL bottle of their essential oil blend called Sleep Tight that helps calm you down after a long day

4 oz bottle of Sleep Tight Bubble Bath, which you add to your bath to not only enjoy bubbles like you did as a kid but also to enjoy the calming scents that come along with it

4 oz bottle of Sleep Tight Body Cream which helps with alleviating sensitive and dry skin, along with their calming blend of essential oils to help you drift off to sleep faster

4 oz. Lavender Organic Hydrosol that you spray on your pillows and bedsheets

An eye mask (I freaking love eye masks) that says Sleep Tight on the front of it

A set of blue earplugs, complete with a cute little keychain style holder to make sure you don’t lose them

A set of handy cards with tips on how to improve your sleep

A cute Sleep Tight bag to help you keep your sleep essentials all together

After using this sleep set for a week, I have to say, there is something to it. I love the pampering aspect of the Sleep Tight Sleep Set, and I certainly feel more relaxed, calm, and prepared for sleep after using everything in here. This is definitely a set I’ll take with me on long flights, too!

You can get the Sleep Tight Sleep Set for $44.95 on Amazon, with free shipping, here!

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