Adorable Dog Gets Locked Out Of Her House But She Has A High-Tech Way To Tell Her Family

Tech has gone to the dogs! Chika, a Labrador Retriever mix, managed to get herself locked out of her house in McDonough, Georgia one night.

It definitely was a complete accident, her dad Robert Fox has said. Chika is one of the family’s three dogs, and when Robert went outside for the evening to put his chickens away, Chika snuck right out of the house.

So, Robert figured Chika was sleeping in his son’s room, where she usually is, and Robert’s son thought that Chika must be in his room.

Well, Chika was outside! This clever girl had quite a high-tech way to let her family know her whereabouts.

After hanging out in the family’s fenced-in backyard for a few hours, Chika ran right up to the front door, and she rang the family’s Ring doorbell at 2:18 in the morning!

therobfox on Reddit; pictured above Chika rings her own doorbell to get back inside

Chika got back inside, and when Robert went to watch the doorbell’s video footage, he saw Chika get up on her hind legs and ring the doorbell with her front paws.

She then waited to see if her family would come to the door, before ringing the doorbell again.

Dogs are seriously amazing!

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