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Chicks We Love: Kristina Lang Of Speak Your Mind The Podcast Refreshingly Opens Up About This Taboo Topic & Has One Heck Of An Inspiring Story For You

Welcome back to Chicks We Love! This week, get to know Kristina Lang, the Host, and Producer of Speak Your Mind the Podcast.

Kristina is the voice we so need when it comes to talking about mental illness, which sadly is still such a taboo topic, and she sure has one heck of an inspiring story for you.

Photo courtesy of Kristina

What was your inspiration behind starting your podcast?

I was diagnosed with Depression, Anxiety, and Anorexia Nervosa in February of 2012 after struggling in silence for the majority of my life. I never felt like I could open up about the pain that I was feeling because in my family growing up, there was definitely a huge stigma surrounding the discussion of mental health.

It took a friend of mine to practically drag me to my university’s counseling center in order to accept help because I was afraid that everyone would look at me as if I was broken in some way. I’m really ashamed of that time in my life and how badly I treated him when he tried to get me to accept help.

After coming to terms with my diagnoses, I started speaking up about my treatment process and what I was experiencing only to find out that a lot of people that I love and respect were going through something similar.

I think it takes a lot of courage to stand up and speak openly about mental health but not everyone is “there yet,” so to speak. If I can break the ice a little bit and get people to open up or at least feel a little more comfortable expressing their emotions, then I feel like I’ve done something right.

What is your favorite part of creating Speak Your Mind?

I love it when I have guests join me for an episode! The ability to sit down with people one-on-one and listen to them open up about their personal mental health journeys has been an inspiring and eye-opening experience.

It can be so healing to speak about what you’re going through and I feel really honored to be seated at the table with these individuals. Most of all, I’m thrilled that they trust me to share their experiences with dignity and utmost understanding.

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