Happy World Kindness Day, Don’t Be Like This Long Island Cyberbully Who Spent The Last Year Attacking A Toddler With A Genetic Disorder From Behind A Screen

Happy World Kindness Day! This day is self-explanatory; it’s supposed to serve as a reminder to stop and think about being kind in person and online.

Like my mom has said to me since 1991, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, do not say anything at all.” Also, being kind is freaking free, so you better be.

26-year-old Krista Sewell totally missed this memo, and today is a great day to talk about what she did to a poor, innocent toddler and this toddler’s family.

Facebook; pictured above is 2-year-old Anna Riley with her mom Jennie, the victims of Krista’s hate

If you’re reading this, I’m obviously hoping you don’t spend your time attacking innocent people online from behind the comfort of your computer screen or mobile device, but I am hoping that Krista’s story makes you think twice about what you say on the internet (and off it).

Because kindness actually counts and nobody likes an internet troll.

Krista is from Melville, which is on Long Island, which is part of New York, and she has allegedly devoted the last year of her life harassing a 2-year-old toddler named Anna Riley and Anna’s mom, Jennie.

Anna has a rare genetic disorder called harlequin ichthyosis, which means Anna’s skin is hard, thick, and tears easily. Anna was not expected to live much past her birth, but she is still here and thriving under the care of her mom.

Anna does require non-stop care, so Jennie has had to quit her job so she can stay home full-time with her little girl.

Not only does poor little Anna’s condition cause abnormalities with her skin, but it also makes it very hard for her to move and even breathe. There sadly is no current cure, so Anna has to have her skin kept moisturized for it to stay soft.

Jennie, Anna’s mom, has created a Facebook page dedicated to raising awareness about harlequin ichthyosis and sharing her family’s journey.

Authorities are now saying that Krista has been harassing Anna and Jennie not only on their Facebook page but on Instagram and GoFundMe too.

Krista even sent some threatening letters to Anna and Jennie after somehow getting a hold of their address.

Krista has been arrested as of last Thursday for cyberbullying, and Jennie took to Facebook to share some personal details on this absolute nightmare she has been going through.

“Countless messages, emails, and comments have been sent to us all much to graphic to share. It is not only not ok to send these types of messages it’s also illegal. Ichthyosis is incredibly hard for anybody to live with and I personally choose to live without hate in my heart. As shocking as this whole thing has been I pray that instead of getting angry you would choose to make a positive out of this and donate to the foundation for Ichthyosis,” Jennie said.

She also shared this about Anna on Instagram: “One day she will have to go out on her own to face the world and I will do everything in my power to make sure she has the confidence that is needed. I hope so much that people learn there is someone on the other side of their keyboards and it’s not ok to send hateful messages.”

Krista is currently sitting behind bars after being charged with aggravated harassment as a hate crime.

Ulster County Sheriff’s Office; pictured above is Krista’s mugshot

Moral of the story: just be nice for crying out loud. Also, go show Anna and her mom Jennie some love because I’m sure they need it after this ordeal.

You can check out their GoFundme page here and their Facebook page here.