A Dog In Florida Took Police On An Hour Long Car Chase, Drives Doughnuts Around Officer

I guess you could say this dog in the sunshine state is a little uh, bad to the bone.

I don’t think he meant to be though!

Port St. Lucie, Florida is known for being a gorgeous and safe place to live.

Residents on a particularly peaceful and quiet cul-de-sac phoned up the police to report a joy-rider in their neighborhood.

Well, on a nice sunny Thursday, a man left his black labrador retriever whose name is Max in his car.

Somehow, Max bumped the controls of the car into reverse, and it was off.

A low-speed chase followed as officers arrived on the scene, and Max drove around in reverse for approximately 90 whole minutes.

He did some doughnuts around a responding officer and even took out a mailbox and trashcan.

Eventually, an officer was able to walk up to the side door of the car, enter the passcode into the door’s keypad, and get inside.

Max jumped out all happy, wagging his tail, with no idea the havoc he had wrecked on his cul-de-sac!

He had no idea that he had been up to no good.

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