Beauty Queen Forces 8-Year-Old To Drink Dirty Toilet Water And Abuses Her Before She Dies Of Sepsis

For seven out of the eight years Raylee was on this earth, she spent a lot of time in the hospital for a variety of different injuries.

Sometime after Raylee turned 6-years-old, her growth was somehow stunted.

While Raylee attended school in Nicholas County, quite a few teachers reached out to Child Protective Services, suspecting that she was being abused.

Facebook; Raylee smiles in the photo above

Raylee’s family then made a move to Fayette County, where she went to school in Oak Hill and Hilltop.

One of Julie’s daughters told investigators that Raylee would plead with the cafeteria workers in school to give her food.

Julie’s sister Sherie was starving Raylee at home, and telling her she was not allowed to eat when she went to school.

Facebook; Raylee poses in the photo above

Julie ended up taking the kids (including Raylee) out of school and homeschooling them since the teachers were not fooled by what was going on and she couldn’t come up with more excuses for the kids to parrot back.

Julie’s daughter described that Julie, Sherie, and Marty told the kids to lie when questioned by social workers.

She admitted to lying to social workers because she was afraid of what the adults would do to her, especially since she witnessed how they treated Raylee.

Facebook; Raylee is pictured on the right in the above photo

This young girl also went on to tell investigators that Raylee was beaten at home with different kinds of metal objects.

They beat her with spoons. With belts.

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