Check Out The Different Christmas Gift Nick Jonas Got His Wife

Nick Jonas has been married to his wife Priyanka Chopra for just a little over a year now.

The two initially met after Nick made the first move; sending Priyanka a message on Instagram back in September of 2016. Priyanka pretty much immediately replied, telling Nick to text her, and she gave him her number.

They texted for several months, met up at the 2017 Vanity Fair after-party for the Oscars, and the rest is history!

Even though Nick and Priyanka have been married for a bit, they still seem as in love with one another as ever.

The honeymoon phase is not over, and when you see what Nick got Priyanka for Christmas this year, you will definitely think he’s one thoughtful husband!

Instagram; Nick and Priyanka smile in front of the Christmas tree, above

Nick and Priyanka spent Christmas together first on Mammoth Mountain in California, then they jet setted on over to a beach somewhere (but they haven’t said exactly where).

And in terms of Christmas gifts, we know that Nick got Priyanka a snowmobile! That’s definitely a different kind of gift.

Someone dressed as Santa drove her new snowmobile right up to her, and it had a big, red bow on it.

Instagram; Santa drives Priyanka’s Christmas present right up to her

“Santa drove in on my batmobile!! Aaaah! My husband knows me so well! Thank you baby. I love you!” Priyanka shared on Instagram.

Instagram; Priyanka and Nick are pictured above enjoying her new Christmas gift

“Nothing better than seeing her smile,” Nick said after gifting his wife her Christmas present.

How cute are they?!

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