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Colt From 90 Day Fiancé Is Selling Larissa’s Wedding Dress: It Can Be Yours For $500

I don’t know about you, but 90 Day Fiancé is one of my all-time favorite shows to ever hit TV.

Colt and Larissa from season 6 were definitely one of the most interesting couples on the show, but they sadly got their divorced finalized about 7-months-ago at this point.

Instagram; Larissa smiles and poses in the above photo, and it looks like girlfriend is living her best life

Ok, this isn’t as big of a shocker as Larissa telling us all she has two children back there in Brazil, but it’s definitely eyebrow-raising:

Colt is now selling Larissa’s wedding dress, and it can be yours for $500.

Colt just joined the site called Fanbound, where celebs can interact with their fans and sell them things like personalized videos.

The Instagram account called @90dayfiancenews posted a few screenshots from the Fanbound site this week.

It shows that Colt has most definitely put her dress for sale.

Instagram; here’s the post, above, from @90dayfiancenews

He goes on to say it’s “a piece of television memorabilia.”  And that it’s, “the one and only famous wedding dress worn by my ex-wife.”

One fan was quick to point out that Colt clearly is all about making that money, “The wedding dress was used to begin with, Larissa bought it from Goodwill I think for around $25.00 now this clown is asking $500.00 for it! Not his dress to sell it belongs to Larissa!!!”

Would you pay $500 for Larissa’s dress? I feel like it’s kind of bad luck to buy the dress of a divorcee and wear it on your own special day.

Let me know in the comments below!

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