Frozen 2 Just Broke A Few Big Time Box Office Records & I Can’t Say I’m Surprised

Frozen 2 recently hit theatres on November 22nd, and it’s proving a big hit.

The newest addition to the Disney lineup just broke a few big time box office records and I can’t say I’m surprised!

Just over the Thanksgiving break, Frozen 2 raked in $123.7 million dollars, and that’s just what it brought in from November 27th through December 1st.

This means that Frozen 2 is the highest-earning film to ever be in that holiday time slot.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire used to hold the title, with $109 million in that five day period.

If you think that’s amazing, just keep reading, it gets better!

Disney; pictured above is a still from the new Frozen 2 movie

The first week Frozen 2 came out, it brought in $130 million dollars in North America alone.

What does this mean? This Disney flick now holds the title for the highest-grossing animated film to ever be released in the month of November.

And if that wasn’t enough, Frozen 2 also takes the crown for the most profitable opening weekend a Disney animated film has had on record.

As of yesterday, Frozen 2 has made about $287.6 million dollars in North America and $738.6 million globally.

I’m hoping that Frozen 2 will be able to make it to the highest-earning animated film of all time since that spot is currently held by the latest version of The Lion King.

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