Here’s Why People On Twitter Are Up In Arms Over TLC’s New Show About Mixed-Weight Couples

Just a few days ago, TLC announced they have a new show coming out, and it’s called Hot & Heavy.

It’s a brand new reality TV series about “mixed-weight” couples, and people on Twitter are up in arms over it.

Three different couples are featured on the new show: Adrianna and Ricardo, Kristin and Rusty, and Joy and Chris.

TLC; pictured above is one of the couples set to appear on the new reality TV show

Here’s where people are finding offense in all of this.

It’s not that the show features couples in love that are of different shapes and sizes, that’s something pretty much everyone would happily applaud.

It’s the way certain things have been handled that people are taking issue with. People are first and foremost upset with the title, which they are saying is pretty offensive.

They’re also not happy that all the couples feature women who are the biggest ones in the relationship, saying that this is another example of fat-shaming women.

The concept would have worked if you had some men heavier than the women. By only targeting overweight women, y’all made it weird. #HotandHeavy

Of course, only the women are heavier.
Let’s retitle, “How Can Men Possibly Love Fat Women?”

@TLC #hotandheavy is just one more reason on a very long list of why there is still so much work to be done. I’ve met with TLC many times about doing a show and the only narrative they are interested in is the dehumanization of fat bodies.
On the other hand, some Twitter users are saying they are happy TLC is exploring this topic and you can read what they have to say on the next page.
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