Kardashian Kontroversy: Kim Says She Will Fire Kourtney From The Show

Have you seen the latest episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians?

Well, this week had drama like we haven’t seen in awhile, and it’s all surrounding Kourtney.

The episode starts out with Kourtney sporting a hickey on her neck, and Kim and Khloe want to know who the new man in her life is because they had no idea she even had one.

“I try to keep certain things private,” Kourtney said on the show.

While I do understand that, Kourtney and the rest of the Kardashians are arguably only famous because of their reality TV show…

…And the whole point of a reality TV show is that you share your life with your viewers.

Instagram; everyone from the family is pictured above, except for Kylie

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