Lonely Grandma Posts Heartbreaking Ad On Craigslist Asking If She Can Come To Someone’s House For Christmas

Sorry for so many tear-jerkers this week!

The good news is they’re all ending with a smile, and this story coming out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, is no exception.

But first, it’s going to make you ugly cry so buckle up. A lonely grandma posted a heartbreaking ad on Craigslist recently, asking if she can come to someone’s house to spend Christmas with them so she doesn’t have to be alone.

“Anybody need a grandma for Christmas?” The ad started out with.

“I have nobody and would really like to be part of a family. I can cook, and I can cook dinner. I’ll even bring food and gifts for the kids!”

“I HAVE NOBODY AND IT REALLY HURTS! Let me be part of your family.”

Well, someone saw her ad, and they did something that will really restore your faith in people this week.

Craigslist; pictured above is the online ad this lonely grandma posted

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