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Mama Cax, Beloved Disability Activist & Amputee Model, Has Tragically Passed Away At 30

She became a powerhouse model, working for the likes of Fenty, Sephora, Olay, and Tommy Hilfiger.

Sadly, she was hospitalized last week and took to Instagram to share the news with her followers:

Instagram; Mama Cax shared the above photo of flowers in her London hospital room

Y’all 2019 has been one of the best years for me , cannot deny it! but 2019 also tried to take me out 

I was gearing up for a wonderful couple of weeks went from celebration an anniversary with bae in Serbia, flew to NY for a quick job then had a quick shoot in London before heading to L.A to celebrate a fruitful yearlong partnership with my #sephorasquad family.

While in London I started experiencing severe abdominal pain and was rushed to the emergency room- they dismissed it as an inflammation and sent me back to my hotel with some pain meds.

The next morning it got worse, while barely conscious, I asked the hotel to call me an ambulance. They discovered that I had several blood clots in my leg, thigh, abdomen and near an IVC filter near my Lungs (which is a medical device that prevents clots from entering the lungs.) up until this emergency visit I had no idea I had such filter (which I assumed was placed there during my chemo days 14yrs ago) – nonetheless this filter saved my life.
Lots of unanswered questions which I’ll have to figure out once I’m back to the States but I’m finally out of the hospital, in less pain, resting and taking blood thinners.

Unfortunately, flying puts me at risk of a pulmonary embolism, therefore, I’m stuck across the pond until after Christmas. Hope y’all are gearing up for a wonderful holiday season.
(Thanks @sephora for the flowers 😚 and to everyone who took time to message and call me- love you all 🤗)

Sadly, this would be Mama Cax’s last Instagram post

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