NoteTower Dry Erase Magnetic Sheet Weekly Planner Review: This Is A Must-Have For Anyone Who Struggles With Staying Organized

I’m just going to come out and say it: staying organized is just not my strong suit.

Staying organized is something I have always struggled with, but I’ve been making the most effort this year to keep myself on track instead of kind of lost in my mess.

It’s a lot to get yourself streamlined while staying on top of things, especially when you run your own business.

When NoteTower asked if they could send me their Dry Erase Magnetic Sheet Weekly Planner to review, I was pretty excited to test it out, especially since one of my new friends just told me she uses a dry erase board to keep her life in order.

What I love about the NoteTower Dry Erase Magnetic Sheet Weekly Planner is that you can stick this right onto your fridge!

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It has a very strong magnetic back, so it easily stays up there. The markers and eraser also have magnets on them, so you can keep them all together on the fridge.

This Dry Erase Magnetic Sheet Weekly Planner also has a display rail on the bottom, so you can put post-it notes, photos, bills, anything you want right there.

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