Ryan Reynolds Hilariously Opens Up About The New Baby He Has With Blake Lively And Being A Dad

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are pretty much the best celebrity couple to ever hit the earth.

The two of them are incredibly secretive about their children and personal life despite being so in the spotlight.

They’re so secretive, they didn’t even talk about Blake’s pregnancy with their third child!

Twitter; Ryan and Blake pose together in the above photo

When baby number three finally arrived, there was no pregnancy annoucement…no photos…no nothing.

Well, Ryan did share the below photo on Twitter, but baby number three’s face is all blurred out.

Twitter; Ryan Reynolds shared the above photo of him and Blake with their third baby

Now, Ryan has hilariously broken the silence on the new baby he has with Blake while on the Today show.

“No we haven’t yet,” he replied when asked about if they have named the new baby.

“We’re gonna be original, and all the letters in her name are silent. I want to give her something to push against in life.”

Ryan was then asked about how he feels being outnumbered since Blake and their children are all girls.

Twitter; Ryan is pictured above on the Today show

“I’m doing my part to wipe men off the face off the earth,” Ryan joked.

“I love it. It’s been incredible.”

He also went on to share that it’s getting much more difficult for this dad of three to balance work and his personal life.

His 2 older girls 4-year-old James, and 2-year-old Inez, definitely notice when he is away now.

“This is obviously infinitely relatable ’cause so many people have children,” Ryan explained on the show, “But for me, leaving the house is getting harder and harder. Going to Brazil, that kind of thing, gets a lot harder when they ask, ‘Where are you going? When are you coming home? Why are you leaving me?'”

What a dad! How can you not love Ryan Reynolds?

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