These Kids Stopped A Carjacker With An iPad

iPads are great for a lot of things, but stopping a carjacker?

I bet you wouldn’t think this piece of tech could ever be used for that!

It was in Chicago on a Sunday evening when a 49-year-old man pulled into the parking lot of a Domino’s Pizza in West Rogers Park.

He ran inside, left his Toyota Highlander on, and left his three young children in the car too: 4-year-old Ayesha, 9-year-old Hasnain, and 16-year-old Imama Muratab.

All of a sudden, someone drove a black Toyota Camry right up to this SUV that had the kids inside.

Someone got out of the passenger side of the Camry and jumped into the Highlander.

They then took off in the Highlander, with the kids still inside of the car!

I started shouting at him, ‘Who are you? Get out of the car!’ and he starts driving really fast down the road,” 16-year-old Imama said to WGN.

The carjacker was about 17-years-old himself, and Imama said she tried to choke him while her brother Hasnain took their iPad and repeatedly hit him over the head with it.

Imama was then able to get her dad’s phone from the passenger seat of the car and use it to dial 911.

“I grab it, I call 911. Thirty seconds into the call, the dude just hopped out of the car,” Imama went on about the incident.

Police found the children safe inside their car only 4 blocks from the Domino’s Pizza, and they have so far arrested four suspects.

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