These Stocking Stuffers Are Perfect For The Foodies On Your List

If you’re looking for the perfect stocking stuffers for the foodies on your list, I have you covered!

There are some delicious and unique finds below that are a great addition to your Christmas shopping list.

Let’s get right into these gourmet goodies!

First, let’s talk about some delightful drinks. It doesn’t matter if the person you are getting gifts for is team coffee or team tea, I have options for both!

Grass Fed Coffee Cold Brew Butter Coffee With MCT Oil

This is my favorite coffee I’ve had all year (yes, I just went there) and it’s not something I take lightly.

I’m a serious coffee drinker and I love how smooth and rich this tastes. This Keto-friendly coffee actually helps your body burn fat in a healthy way, and that’s never a bad thing!

The MCT oil that comes from coconuts helps to speed up your metabolism, and the grass-fed American butter helps regulate weight and metabolizes caffeine in a way that helps you to avoid the caffeine crash that usually accompanies a daily cup of coffee.

Their six-pack costs $17.99 and you can get it here.

Wissotzky Tea Salted Caramel Chai Tea

There’s nothing better than caramel or chai, especially when winter hits!

This premium black tea comes in a little pyramid bag, and it’s paired with sea salt and spices to create a cozy and delicious cup of tea.

I like that this tastes sweet (not overly so) but has a lot of depth to it.

What’s pretty cool is that Wissotzky Tea has been around for 160 years, so it makes sense that they know how to make an exciting cup of tea!

Their three-pack costs $11.52 on Amazon and you can get it here.

Wissotzky Tea Nana Mint Herbal Tea

Just wait until it snows if it hasn’t already by you because you’re going to want to pick this herbal tea up for yourself too. It’s totally ok to get yourself some stocking stuffers as well!

This tea is caffeine-free and full of flavor. It tastes minty, citrusy, and gingery all at once.

Now, those sound like some bold flavors to pair together, but they work beautifully.

Their two-pack costs $10.99 on Amazon and you can get it here.

We’re moving along to goodies you can eat, next!

Mighty Sesame Co. TahiniBAR  

I think this has to be the most surprising and unique thing on the list. I have had Tahini before, but this version is sweet and delicious!

I tried the Vanilla and Pistachio flavors (it also comes in Cocoa Nibs) of this energy bar, and they’re perfect for dessert or a quick snack on the go.

They’re a little crumbly, a little crunchy, and a lot tasty!

Their two-pack costs $10.99 on Amazon and you can get it here.

Mighty Sesame Co. Fine Sesame Tahini

Have a Tahini lover on your list? This squeezable bottle of it is a pretty fun gift for anyone obsessed!

Personally, I love putting this on roast veggies, but it’s also great for sandwiches or salads.

Or for someone that likes to make their own hummus!

Their two-pack costs $19.36 on Amazon and you can get it here.

gimMe Organic Premium Roasted Seaweed

This is a neat snack, and it comes in so many exciting flavors!

I tried Wasabi (which definitely brings the heat in a good way) and Teriyaki, but it also comes in Sea Salt and Toasted Sesame. 

It is perfect right out of the bag (my favorite) or it can be added to salads, soup, rice, or sandwiches.

Their eight-pack of all the different flavors costs $23.56 on Amazon and you can get it here.

gimMe Organic Seaweed Thins

These are kind of similar to the above snack, except they have almonds!

They’re just as delicious, and I got to try the Almond Sesame and Sriracha Almond flavors, but they also come in Toasted Coconut.

Their twelve-pack costs $38.99 on Amazon and you can get it here.

gimMe Organic Sushi Nori

If you have someone on your list that would love to make their own sushi, this is a perfect pick!

Premium Restaurant quality Nori Sheets are what’s inside, and they work great to roll your own rolls.

Their single pack costs $4.02 on Amazon and you can get it here.

gimMe Organic Seaweed Snack Sea

Now, these are some super-sized seaweed sheets!

They can also be used for sushi rolls or hand rolls, or instead of a lettuce wrap.

Their single pack costs $5.49 on Amazon and you can get it here.

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