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Thinking Of Dying Your Hair? Think Again! New Research Shows Dyes Cause Cancer

Science says if you color your hair, it might be cause for concern.

I mean, rumors have existed for years regarding if there is a link between chemicals in hair dye and cancer or other health issues, but now a new study says there is.

This new study suggests that women who dye their hair permanently or use straighteners have a higher risk of getting breast cancer than women who don’t use hair dyes or straighteners.

The study said that these two things, “could play a role in breast carcinogenesis.”

What’s surprising is that the study says black women who dye their hair permanently have a 45% risk of developing breast cancer, while white women have their risk increased by 7%.

It’s not clear how or why this exactly is.

Alexandra White, the woman behind the study, said that there are so many things that go into a woman developing breast cancer, and while the study is interesting, it doesn’t mean you absolutely will end up with breast cancer if you dye your hair.

She suggests taking it into consideration, but she says like anything in life there are a lot of things you have to think about when it comes down to what contributes to cancer.

Staying active and eating healthy are really two things she points out as being significant when it comes to mitigating your risk.

Paul Pharoah, a professor of cancer epidemiology who works at the University of Cambridge, had the following to say in a statement about this study:

“While these results are intriguing, they do not provide good evidence that hair dyes or chemical straighteners are associated with a meaningful increase in risk of breast cancer or that any increased risk association is causal.”

“Women who have used such products in the past should not be concerned about their risks.”

What do you think? If you dye or straighten your hair, will you keep doing it?

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