This Australian Koala-Detecting Dog Is Such A Good Boy

In Australia, Queensland and New South Wales have been absolutely decimated by bush fires.

As of right now, in New South Wales alone, 5.3 million acres have been destroyed and their beaches have turned black.

6 people have died and the land is being decimated at an alarming rate.

So many people have lost their homes, but so many animals have too, and koalas are especially at risk.

While koalas are not yet considered endangered (they are classified as vulnerable to extinction, which is one step up from engaged) experts estimate that 350 to 1,000 koalas have so far been lost to the brush fires.

IFAW Australia via Twitter; pictured above is one of the koalas who was rescued after his habitat burned

Teams have been deployed to areas that have already burned, in an effort to find and rehabilitate any surviving koalas.

One of the amazing individuals on these koala saving teams is named Bear, and he has one of the most important jobs of all.

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