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This Tiny Toddler Just Saved Her Mom’s Life, Then Calmly Took Care Of Her Siblings While Help Arrived

This tiny toddler earns the title of Chicks We Love this week for what she so bravely did!

Isla Glaser is 4-years-old, and she lives in Franklin Township, New Jersey, with her mom Haley, her dad, and her 3 younger siblings: 1-year-old twin brothers and a 2-year-old sister.

One of Isla’s favorite things to do is dress up as Wonder Woman, but nobody knew this little girl would end up being a hero in real life!

Right before Christmas, at 7:45 in the morning, Isla called 911, and she told the operator that her mom fell and she couldn’t wake her up.

Franklin Township Police Department; pictured above Isla is dressed up as Wonder Woman

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